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How we ensure automated, streamlined WHS compliance for local government

Due to the wide range of services provided by local government, the responsibilities and therefore the associated risks for any council is extensive.

Likewise, the workplace health and safety issues – and therefore the WHS compliance responsibilities – these bodies face are numerous. They need to be able to ensure that all of their employees are properly trained, all of their workplaces are safe and that correct procedures are always followed.

Due to the responsibility of local government to provide services with the highest level of WHS compliance, councils need to effectively demonstrate, on a daily basis, their commitment to safety. What councils need is a way to streamline WHS processes and demonstrate due diligence at all levels of the organisation.

Uniquely, WHS MONITOR™ automatically delivers a complete work health and safety management plan by drawing from the information contained in all deployed modules.

Accessible via all types of devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) WHS MONITOR™’s interactive Work Health and Safety processes can be applied to all areas of a local council’s operations and responsibility, and for its entire workforce (including full-time employees, part-time and casual employees, and contractors).

Executive level employees have access to dashboard reports which provide an overview of the entire operation. These allow them to exercise due diligence in identifying areas of concern and monitoring completion by department managers, supervisors and so forth.

This is the most efficient approach to health and safety available. Because WHS MONITOR™’s dashboards are dynamic and updated in real time, executives are able to always keep on top of compliance issues.

“WHS MONITOR™ simplifies the potentially complicated and time-consuming task of ensuring WHS compliance for all involved.”

Logical and easy to use

WHS MONITOR™ provides a simple, reliable way to comply with all WHS obligations; Providing councils the peace of mind that comes with knowing theyare doing the right thing by all of their stakeholders.

With a range of access levels, all Council employees have access to all the information they need. In other words, as the road worker and parking inspector are accessing the platform via their mobile phones, WHS personnel and more senior management can simultaneously be viewing the same data from their desktops.

While the workers on the ground would have access only to relevant information to their role, managers and supervisors are provided with access relevant to their role.

In effect, this provides councils with three lines of defence. It means that employees at all levels can do their part to ensure the workplace is safe.

Across Australia, local governments have always strived to lead the way in terms of Workplace Health and Safety. WHS MONITOR™ provides the means to achieve this goal simply and effectively.

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